Collaboration with Kunsthochschule Mainz and National Art Academy, Sofia

Education Initiative 2018


Relay invites art students to participate in a material exchange and respond to images and objects in a relay of pooled matter sent by mail between Germany and Bulgaria. No directions or conditions or knowledge are presupposed.

This project Relay is a collaboration between the class of Adrian Williams at Kunstchochschule Mainz (KHSM), and  Swimming Pool (art project space in Sofia) who has invited students at the class of Simeon Simeonov at the National Art Academy in Sofia to participate in the project.

Relay‘s purpose is to examine difference, and promote inquiry through: self-reflection, observation, engagement, and celebration. By making and sharing independent projects, the artists are influenced and informed by their resonance. In a relay many people run in line, but only one at a time. The relay is about the transfer of the thing that connects them. They each go a distance individually, but carrying this thing that they were given, which they all eventually give away as part of a collective progression. Together the students may consider the position and role of the artist, and the public life of the images and objects they create. It is also quite possible, that they do none of those things. The establishment of such a platform is not a call for proposals but rather evolves around unsettled propositions. While such ambiguity may seem risky, it is the only way to allow artists to exercise beyond the realm of expectations.

Initially, the exchange will be accompanied by workshops  – in Sofia and Mainz – that aim at establishing more of an approximate intent than an entity, by using responsiveness and intuition to influence working within an impulsive structure. They may also result in the preparation of independent work for exhibitions in both Sofia, and in Mainz in 2018-19.

During the period of Relay, Swimming Pool will be converted into a space of joint thinking and imagining. Relay is part of the Pool Education Initiative at Swimming Pool, Sofia.

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