Our response to covid-19

March 2020

In the next few weeks we will be observing and responding to the world we see changing as result of coronavirus global pandemics. Whereas we as members of communities need to urgently react and care for each other, we’ve also started to question the existing frame of art production and dissemination. The art world the way it was, was not good for everyone; indeed it was good only for the few. The state of “social distancing” puts the system on hold and in its best way it is a chance to assess its weaknesses, imagine alternative models, and make a step into transforming it.
While streets, parks, institutions are empty – our minds and hearts are full and exploding. This is indeed the lecture we learned from the empty pool at home – emptiness always poses questions, and it always triggers thinking. Swimming Pool was planning few projects in this spring, which are all in a state of uncertainty.  This is the reason why we begin to transform our practice into an experimental set of interconnections and collaborations and let’s see where it will takes us to.


Аnd, yes, we are physically closed for now, but we stay open to all of this you want to share with us.