Център за социална визия

Module 1: How We Think and Do The Social

part of NEGOTIATION | Public Program of the Center for Social Vision

16–19 april 2022

more information about NEGOTIATION here

All events in the program are free

With the support of the One-Year Grant Program of the National Culture Fund

We launch the public program on 16 April with an introduction by Viktoria Draganova (initiator of the Center for Social Vision) and a panel discussion on what is a social vision in the arts and related fields, with Gergana Dimitrova (36 Monkeys), Tsveta Doycheva (HOD), Rada Ezekieva (VOX POPULI), Geo Kalev (Mini Art Fest & Social Circus), Vladiya Mihaylova (RCCA Toplocentrala), Dima Stefanova (Know-How Show-How), Yanina Taneva (Ideas Factory), and others.

The public program at the space of Swimming Pool takes place within the textual environment For you, created by writer and playwright Stefan Ivanov and artist Rosie Eisor.

Оn 18 April, we invite you to a conversation workshop with Stefan Ivanov.

On 19 April, join us for a presentation on the social functions of design by the educational platform for design and art practice Know-How Show-How (Dima Stefanova, Filip Boyadjiev, Ivelina Gadjeva).



How We Think and Do the Social
Opening and discussion
16 April, 17:00–20:00

With You
An environment of words, created by Stefan Ivanov and Rosie Eisor
throughout the public program at Swimming Pool

Conversation Workshop
At the invitation of Stefan Ivanov
18 April, 18:00–20:00

Together, to gather, to get there
Presentation and discussion by Know-How Show-How
19 April, 18:00–20:00