Център за социална визия

Module 1: How We Think and Do The Social

With You
An environment of words, created by Stefan Ivanov and Rosie Eisor
Throughout the public program at Swimming Pool

Words and questions in the air and on walls, on record, cloth and paper – about the possible conversation and the desired meeting. About caring and hating, about responsibility and the lack of it. About the difficulty of seeing the face of a person, known or unknown.

With You takes the form of textile works with text on them (made in collaboration with Rosie Eisor), cultivating a context of rethinking and renegotiating the need for essential communication. The works are accompanied by a poetic research essay. A workshop of conversations and encounters between acquaintances and strangers will also take place in this environment, seeking to discover the need and power of the immediate, fragile and open communication that we constantly and disastrously miss out on.


Stefan Ivanov is a poet, playwright, writer and journalist. He is the author of four poetry books as well as of journalistic and other materials published in various media. He is the co-author, with Ivan Dobchev, of the play Medea – My Mother, which won the Union of Bulgarian Actors’ Icarus Award (2013) for best production.
Rosie Eisor is an interdisciplinary artist and co-founder of the collective Blood Becomes Water. She works in the field of contemporary art and illustration, textiles, graphic design and independent publishing.