Център за социална визия

Module 2: A Common Vision for the City

Il Bügl Public / The Public Fountain
Lecture by Curdin Tones on situational and social projects at Somalgors74 in Tschlin (Switzerland)
14 May, 18:00–19:00

In English

Part of the program of European Night of Museums 2022

Participation can be understood as the making and unmaking of connections between things and people, allowing for ruptures and conflict. It does not necessarily need to operate from an assumed harmonic unity, but can make different roles transparent and as such can lead to the forming of a temporary active, social body “around” a project. The lecture will address this aspect of Tones’s ongoing artistic project Il Bügl Public/The Public Fountain and other examples from his situational practice in a small mountain village in Switzerland.


Since his graduation in 2003 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the artistic practice of Curdin Tones (1976, Winterthur) evolved from a sculptural studio practice into a situational practice that focuses on contextual thinking and acting in public space. Since 2004 Tones is represented by Andriesse&Eyck Gallery in Amsterdam. As artist and lecturer he is currently based both in Amsterdam, NL, and Tschlin, CH.
Defining his artistic practice more as an integral part of the societies in which Tones is living and working, he founded the cultural initiative SOMALGORS74 in Tschlin, Switzerland. As an independent initiative, SOMALGORS74 is engaged in processes of co-creation. All projects and activities aim at addressing content, which have a specific reference to the village, its environment, its past and future. In order to inscribing these projects meaningfully in its local context and society, both art and design strategies are used.
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