Център за социална визия

Module 2: A Common Vision for the City

The Orchards of Mladost
A walk and conversation with Andrea Popyordanova
15 May, 12:00–14:00

In Bulgarian

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The Orchards of Mladost investigates why there are fruit trees in a Sofia residential area where they haven’t been planned to be planted by the city’s official urban planners and landscape architects. Although they are considered to be inappropriate/unsuitable for the urban space, these trees have an interesting bond with local residents. The Orchards of Mladost, part of a larger research on the city’s orchards, is an attempt to learn more about the history of the place and the processes that have shaped it, by talking with local residents, walking around the district, mapping, and studying plant species and their fruits over the course of a year. Is there a connection between people and the fruit trees, and is anyone caring for them?

The walk in Sofia’s Mladost district will last about two hours along a pre-designed route and will include stories about several trees and the people caring for them, as well as a conversation about this type of trees in an urban environment. Starting on April 16, materials on the research are available at Swimming Pool, which Andrea Popyordanova is adding to over time.


Andrea Popyordanova is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. She holds a BA in Illustration from the Edinburgh College of Art and MA in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art, London. Andrea is co-founder of TI-RE Platform which focuses on collecting and presenting independent art publications from the Bulgarian scene. She works in the field of publication design and illustration whose properties are deployed to research and narrate, for stories that come across. Her interest lies in the exchange between the design and the artistic approaches and nonartistic disciplines, and how this bilateral transfer positively influences both sides.