Center for Social Vision

Module 3: New Approaches to Cultural Heritage

Added Value
discussion with Ivo Strahilov and Slava Savova
26 May, 18:00–20:00

In the past several decades a major transformation in the heritage preservation polices has emerged. Today it is almost seen as a given that tangible heritage should be subjected to the same dynamics of the market economy, as any other product.

National and international strategies on heritage and regional development are constantly being formulated and re-formulated, bringing ever more closely the objectives of preservation with those of increased visitor numbers. A process unfolding on the pages of thousands of different documents is surprisingly uniform, aided by standardized practices of “measuring” the properties and value of heritage.

In the quest to invigorate the economic life of local communities, the actual communities and their intangible contexts often fall out of the official narratives and the experts’ advice. Through a series of local case studies, we will look into these processes and examine how a seemingly technical procedure – recording architectural monuments – aids the erasure of context.