Center for Social Vision

Open Call 2021/22

How to apply

Please contact us if you have any questions related to the open call, we'd be happy to assist you.

We will start with a working group of 8 participants which we invite you to be part of – if you wish to develop a project where the interaction of art with social sciences, historiography, environmental studies, politics, and technology plays a crucial role. The goal is to create a framework within which the participants will be able to generate or develop their ideas for future projects, as well as to present them to a broader audience.

If you are an artist, curator, architect, urbanist, designer, researcher, etc., and you wish to discuss or further develop your (individual or collective) research related to public situations, spaces, or infrastructure, as well as to their possible transformations, we would be happy to include you in our research group. We are looking for project ideas that are inventive, intersectoral, display relevance and care, and rely on collaboration with colleagues and institutions – even if you have yet to establish contacts and need support and strategy. We are also interested in “dig where you stand” initiatives exploring social and geographical contexts which only the participant has access to.

The program involves a series of (online and in-person) working sessions between the participants. These meetings are complemented by workshops, lectures, and consultations with selected lectors and experts. In the frame of the working sessions the participants are welcome to discuss and build upon their ideas for future projects, already existing or to be invented within the program. The schedule will be finalized at the start of the program in the beginning of October 2021, and it will be fully in line with the country’s current epidemic situation.

October – December 2021, however the implementation period can be extended according to the needs of the participants and the program.

Swimming Pool Sofia and online; location depends on the selected projects and availability of the participants.

Each participant will receive a stipend of 400 lv. (190 EUR).

On our side we wish to create a generative environment through conversations and exchange with other participants, consultations with experts, shared learning, and exploration of resources. Within the program we do NOT expect you to implement the project, but we would gladly be responsible for publicly presenting a conceptual sketch, as well as for publishing a draft of your project in order to give more publicity to your research.


  1. Short impulse (1-2 pages) – why you want to participate and what direction your project (existing or future) would take. Mention which individuals, institutions, and officials you would contact; what are some possible collaborations and coproductions that your projects envision.

  2. Send us a short CV and access to past or future projects from your portfolio that you deem important, especially if they are relevant to the research interests of the current educational program.

Send your documents to and copy Do not hesitate to contact us in advance with any questions that might arise.

Until 28 September 2021

Until 30 September 2021