reviewed and added locations in collaboration with Liszt Institute | Hungarian Culture Center and Bike and Culture

Sofia Art Map is back with a new edition – on paper and online. Once again we are guided by the desire to support the diverse and energetic cultural scene in Sofia by making it easier to access notable institutions and spaces.

For the first time, Sofia Art Map is published in a partnership with the Liszt Institute | Hungarian Culture Center and aims to present Bike and Culture:

"Bike and Culture is the initiative which encourages us to spin our wheels along our favourite streets in Sofia so that we can reach some of the places with the most curious cultural life. The project is an initiative of the Liszt Institute | Hungarian Culture Center and unites other European culture institutes from the cluster EUNIC in the common idea to encourage the purchase of bicycle transport in the capital and above all to provide access to cultural entities and institutions through the construction of special bicycle parking lots near them. Every partner from the initiative chooses one spot that is key for Sofia’s cultural life, to which one facility is gifted."

The locations of all Bike and Culture stands and partners are featured in the new edition of Sofia Art Map.