Exhibition and performances with Sebastian Burger, Luci Lippard, Dardan Zhegrova

off-site | Frankfurt am Main, 6 – 8 October 2016


The Token, the last part of the project States of Flux takes place in Frankfurt – a city with a thriving global late-capitalist economy. The mirror facades that surround us are those of a speculative financial apparatus that grows ever more elusive through its obsession with the production of fictions about the future. With such fictions governing our reality, how can we claim our vulnerable presence?

Venue: Waschsalon, Eckenheimer Landstraße 65, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Opening: 6 October, 19 h
Performance by Luci Lippard at 20 h

On view: 7 and 8 October, 15-18 h

Luci Lippard is a performance band formed in Berlin in spring of 2014 by artists Lucinda Dayhew and Hanne Lippard. Using drums, voice, synths and songs, the duo make noise out of poetry.

States of Flux: The Sunniest Beach. After the Splash. The Sanguine. The Token is a four-part projet curated by Viktoria Draganova and Gergana Todorova and hosted by Swimming Pool, Sofia.

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  • Sebastian Burger © Swimming Pool. Photo: Neven Allgeier
    Sebastian Burger © Swimming Pool. Photo: Neven Allgeier