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Performance by Metheor and Ani Vaseva | with the participation of Leonid Yovchev and Katrin Metodieva

16 and 17 June

16 and 17 June 2022, 21h
registration in advance

directed by Ani Vaseva
text: E. T. A. Hoffmann
translation to German: Elvira Borman
translation to English: Katerina Popova
digital programs: Stefan Donchev
music: Christoph Pechanatz / Klimperei
sound design: Angel Simitchiev
costumes: Katrin Metodieva, Ilga Medarska
video: Ivan Nikolov
featuring: Leonid Yovchev and Katrin Metodieva

Premiere in Sofia: 16 and 17 June 2022, Swimming Pool
Premiere in Berlin: 26 and 27 August 2022, ACUD Theatre
Premiere of the video version: stay tuned for the Youtube channel of METHEOR

Atlantis is dedicated to Hoffmann – the author, the composer, the impossible character. I am Hoffmann, I am not myself. Hoffmann is not what he is, precisely because he is what he is. The real is not what it is, precisely because it is what it is. This is the Hoffmann effect of the Real. The two-century-long Hoffmannomania that has subterraneanly rewritten the history of art is due to the "Hoffmann Effect": the effect of destabilizing the Real, of extracting the superreal, the more-than-real, from the very structure of the "banal" fabric of the Real.

Atlantis, Hoffmann's utopian territory, the Promised Land of the More-than-Real, is where Hoffmann's strange world – a world in which "everything solid dissolves into air" – really materializes. Both Hoffmanomania and Hoffmanomania originate there.
In Atlantis, Meteor mobilizes his theatrical counter-techniques. And so, Hoffmann's The-Giver-of-Unheimlich will appear as the protagonist of a theatrical oratorio unfolding a fantastic theoretical proposition – itself a doppelganger of Hoffmann's inverted world.


The project is supported by Sofia Municipality and National Culture Fund.