Focus The Library of Our Encounters

Come our voices form a mountain

performance by Adriana Gheorghe

Swimming Pool
11 November 2023, 15:00–18:00

free entry

In 2023, the activity of Swimming Pool is supported by the “One-Year Grant” Program of the National Culture Fund.

Supported by Solitude Project Cultural Association via its Arc Bucharest residency program.

We invite you to the performance “Come our voices form a mountain” by the artist Adriana Gheorghe. For ten days, Adriana spends hours in the Swimming Pool, connecting with the visible yet not so visible layers in and around the space. On the last day of her stay, she will present her work in a three-hour performance where visitors can come and go in their own time, one could feel arrested here gazing at the several horizons.

“At Swimming Pool, there will be the white and blue and swimming cube conventions (or expectation horizons), the theatre one that I always hide within my understanding of performativity and then there are the mountains. More specifically, the landscape of mountains, city and sublime ‘real’ horizon.

Conventions come with degrees of separation – my poems from my breathing, this text from the performance on Saturday, the visitors from the spectators and both separated from performers or the performance, us and the mountain.

Should we reverse this mechanism – all these conventions and horizons also form back bodies and encounters (with visible and invisible partners). Both performance and the mountain bring back the somatic awareness in conversation with imagination and also allow for the perspective from within. They feed from paradox and a counterintuitive dance of distance and closeness and all our bodies get affected, “as if” the performance and the horizons happen within ourselves already.

Be not faithless but believing. In the promise that in the specific context of Swimming Pool “as if” could get both palpable and impossible. Like Hokusai’s perspective from within the waves in depicting Mount Fuji, allowing for seeing the impossible – that “the Great Wave” would cover Mount Fuji.

And it might even be a happy performance piece.”

Adriana Gheorghe

Adriana Gheorghe works with performance, poetry, grave theory and speculative pedagogy, at their margin. Coming from literary studies and art theory, in 2015 she received the Danceweb scholarship at Impulstanz Festival Vienna. Currently, she is a host at Theatres, a new performative space in Bucharest dedicated to interdisciplinarity.
Gheorghe curates processes and constellations researching new modes of transmission and co-existence. She dedicated herself to the same ongoing performative practice constantly reformulated in relation to contexts further researching the connection between performativity (understood as close to ecology, the good co-dependence) and representation (the logic of separation, of difference), both understood as modes of accessing and making reality.
Collaborated with artists Alina Popa, Susanne Grau, Lilach Livne, Kroot Juurak, Mette Edvardsen, Andreea David, Eliza Trefaș a.o. Presented her work at Pact Essen, Brut Viena, ZKM Karlsruhe, Pa-f St Erme, Jaffa Museum Atar, KuLe Berlin, Akademie Schloss Solitude, TanzFaktur Cologne, Norma T Oslo, ICR Berlin, Salonul de proiecte, Atelier 35, Tranzit, Contemporary Art National Museum Bucharest, WASP, Paintbrush Factory Cluj, Matca Artspace Cluj, National Dance Center Bucharest, IOR park, Izvor park etc. She has also collaborated with the Climate Economics & Social Impact (CESI) Journal and PUNCH Press.

Adriana Gheorghe is invited in Sofia for the third edition of “The Library of Our Encounters” – a long-term project of Swimming Pool.