MNFST Dance Company

1 & 2 October, 18:00–19:30

Concept, sets and choreography: Svetlin Velchev
Performers: Stanislav Genadiev, Violeta Vitanova, Svetlin Velchev
Sound: Marcus Guntner, Miosji Thieda, Stanislav Genadiev
Light design: Svetlin Velchev
Photography: Mihail Novakov
Assistant photography: Rada Miladinova
Technical Assistant: Yoana Robova
Sound by Ultimate Ears, Logitech

Tickets: 10 lv., with a reservation at and payment on the spot; the event will take place following all current anti-epidemic measures.
Duration: 45 minutes; suitable for all ages.

‘Landscape Interventions’ is a project started in 2019 that presents a series of performances aimed at raising awareness of environmental disasters and provoking sustainable solutions. The first two episodes are the performative installations ‘First Aid By Art’ and ‘Burning Sculptures’.

Each chapter is inspired by some of the most threatened natural habitats, which are linked to the fundamental cycle of elements needed for existence on our planet. The idea conveys an urge to rediscover and reveal the true power of nature and to express that through visual art, movement & sound.

In this edition, Amsterdam-based contemporary dance artist Svetlin Velchev takes on an activist approach and challenges the usage of coal and fossil fuels before they destroy the Earth. ‘Landscape Interventions’ also addresses the recent wildfires spread across Europe as yet another sign of the worrying dramatic shift in the global climate crisis.


Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova are dance artists in the field of independent performing arts. They graduated from the National School of Dance Art in Sofia and then worked in a number of international and Bulgarian theatre and dance troupes (Linga, Switzerland; Sfumato Theatre Workshop, Sofia, etc.). Their first successful performance is called "Imago" (2006), for which they received the first in the history of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria "Icarus" award for debut for a dance performance. Apart from being a practicing dance artist, Violeta Vitanova also teaches at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, and Stanislav Genadiev works on his own musical projects.

Svetlin Velchev is a choreographer, visual artist and performer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He studied drama, animation and puppetry at Theatre 'SLON' Sofia, then graduated with a secondary education diploma from the professional ballet school NUTI in Sofia, and later earned a BA in Choreography at the Rotterdam Dance Academy CODARTS. In 2012, Svetlin founded MANIFEST Dance Company, which has presented artworks at many prestigious festivals, prominent venues and events across Europe, Asia, North and South America. In 2014, Svetlin was among the selected performance artists at the 1st International Biennial for Contemporary Art in Cartagena, Colombia #1 Cartagena. He has worked on projects with Ivo Dimchev, Christian Bakalov, Gabriela Maiorino, Itzik Galili, Yael Davids, Julian Hetzel, Paul Taylor, Andre Gingras and more. Svetlin Velchev is a resident artist at the Cultural Center OT301 in Amsterdam.