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Metheor. Theatre of the Impossible

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26.10.2022, 19:30

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With the support of National Culture Fund

Author: Ani Vaseva
Graphic design: Monika Vakarelova
Painting on the cover: Boris Deltchev
Includes texts by: Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev, Leonid Yovchev, Monika Vakarelova, and Georgi Tenev
Edition: second, revision of Metheor 2010-2019 (realized in 2021)
Published by "Metheor", Sofia, 2022


The edition contains conceptual, ideological and methodological texts about the productions of "Meteor" in the period 2010 – 2019. In addition to the texts, the book includes photographs and materials from the performances and is inspired by the wish of Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev and Leonid Yovchev to make theatre of desire and pleasure.

"On stage everything is possible. That's why we choose the impossible."

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