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Swimming Pool’s secont exhibition publication is out!

It is dedicated to the project “New Ecologies”, curated by Viktoria Draganova and hosted by Swimming Pool throughout 2023.

Since Swimming Pool’s founding, the program of the space has been strongly focused on research on institution-making. The large-scale project “New Ecologies” was initiated in 2023, with the participation of artin Atanasov, Marina Genova, Nevena Ekimova, Billy Mateeva, Elena Nazarova, Maria Nalbantova, Cédric Van Paryys.

The catalogue is an archive of the project, but also its continuation. It contains texts and materials by the participants, and includes essays conversations that were part of the public program, a.o. Dimiter Kenarov, Kosmotechnika (Konstantin Georgiev and Alexander Popov), Andrea Popyordanova and Francesca Castagnetti, Association "For the Earth" and others.


“New Ecologies”

Editor: Viktoria Draganova
Editorial assistance: Jenny Decheva, Polina Petrova
Authors: Еkaterina Anguelova, Katy Bentall, Konstantin Georgiev, Viktoria Draganova, Vladimir Ivanov, Francesca Castagnetti, Dimiter Kenarov, Veni Kojouharova, Andrea Popyordanova, Alexander Popov, Miroslava Popova
Proofreader: Darina Babulkova
Design: Martin Atanasov
Printed by: Voodoo Print, Bulgaria

Published by: The Blue Cube Foundation – Swimming Pool, 2023

172 pages
Bulgarian / English
ISBN 978-619-91937-3-0

20 BGN

This publication is realized with the support of the “Visual Arts” programme of the Ministry of Culture, and the “One-Year Programme and the National Culture Fund.