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residency with the participation of DENA, Gery Georgieva and Lyoudmila Milanova

10 – 16 October 2022

with the support of National Culture Fund

Pop music, performance and visual arts meet in a week-long residency at the Swimming Pool space. DENA, Gery Georgieva and Lyoudmila Milanova come together to integrate approaches from the visual arts and modern pop and electronic music. The idea for the project originates from the participation of DENA in Extra Muros Residency (Bari, Italy, 2020) that was initiated by Flee Project. A group of artists lived there and worked together for two weeks as one of the results is a musical compilation later released on vinyl.

Listen here:

In addition to the creative collaboration of the trio, discussions about the organisation of artistic residencies, and also about the current development of the independent electronic scene in Bulgaria are planned.


Denitza Todorova (DENA) is a singer, musician and producer. Since 2005 she has been living in Berlin and developing her recognizable style between DIY-pop and R&B. After the release of her international hit “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” in 2012, DENA has recorded several albums and EPs. Her distinctive approach includes collaborations with artists and producers from different music genres.


Gery Georgieva studied Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths College. In 2016 she graduated from Royal Academy Schools, London. Her oeuvre encompasses video, performance, installation and musical collaborations. Through kaleidoscopic arrangements and embodiments, Georgieva seeks to interrogate commercial gender role models, media conventions and clichés of femininity. In her musical practice Georgieva connects Bulgarian folklore with contemporary electroacoustic elements.


Lyuodmila Milanova is an audiovisual artist who lives in Cologne, Germany. She studied Media Theory at the University of Cologne and Visual Arts at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM). In her artistic practice Milanova deals with natural phenomena, natural organic matter, and their manipulation through technology. She often works with ephemeral materials such as fog, clouds, light, or the physical laws of mass and juxtaposes them with forms and constructions that are man-made.