Center for Social Vision

"With You" by Stefan Ivanov

Launch and a conversation between Stefan Ivanov and Silvia Choleva

14 december 2022, 19:00

free entry

The conversation will be in Bulgarian.

With the support of the "One-Year Grant" Program of the National Culture Fund

"With You" is the latest book by the poet and playwright Stefan Ivanov, and the first publication of Center for Social Vision. The author describes the text as a "poetic research essay" that found its origins as a response to the Center's first open call on How we think and do the social through the experience of art. Over time, it evolved into an observation on the need and yet lack of conversation among us.

Communication in all its guises and dimensions also became the main theme of the first public program "Negotiation", which sought dialogue between different social spheres, methodologies and layers of time. Stefan's text is the context that, in every event, be it a lecture, workshop or exhibition, brings us back to the basis of our shared work.
But what does it mean to 'talk', do we manage to listen to each other, when do we feel loneliness in spite of it all, and does courage matter - these are questions that have a firm social dimension, but seem to be able to be expressed only through poetics.

"With You" is part of a wider project, created in collaboration between Stefan and designer and artist Rosie Eisor, and realised under the same name in April-June 2022, which presented an environment of words in the air and on walls, on record, on fabric and on paper in the space of Swimming Pool. This project included a conversation workshop and some of the works were sold for donation to a foundation working for public benefit. The "With You" publication features the graphic design of Viktoria Staykova, who has created the visual identity of Center for Social Vision since its foundation.


Stefan Ivanov (1986) is a poet, playwright, writer and journalist. He holds an MA in Cultural Studies and PhD in Philosophy from the Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski". Ivanov is the author of four poetry books as well as of journalistic and other materials published in various media. He is the co-author, with Ivan Dobchev, of the play Medea – My Mother, which won the Union of Bulgarian Actors’ Icarus Award (2013) for best production.