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ODD / Cristina Bogdan – Campus

Campus, 2020, Digital video, 8:03 min.

All images by Tomáš Souček

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One can address the short film as a continuation of my work with ODD, which has been about complexifying the imaginary stemming from Romania, as opposed to narrowing it down to the binaries usually endorsed and funded – these discussions were on the table, but never in enough quantity to make ODD into something recuperable. The film, as it shows a young boy captivated by the world he has built himself, puts forward the value of simply thinking with your own brain. Then my addition, the 2 speeds of the film, introduces the question of entropy, whose definition is an answer to the question, “How many states can a system take on?” What I am suggesting is that what we need to strive for is complexity, not essentialism. The final images, where the world comes in rather luxuriantly, are about creating peace through this kind of thinking: it is not thinking meant to create division, but to inspire, to encourage more thinking.

ODD was founded in 2014 in Bucharest, grounded in the Romanian imaginary and looking to act upon the world. A space for theoretical discussion and social gatherings of all kinds, it welcomes artists, writers, researchers, philosophers, scientists who initiate discussions, workshops, reading groups, publications or become engaged with one of the long-term series: ODD THEORY, ODD NIGHTS, or QUIET ODD. Its founder, Cristina Bogdan, is a researcher who writes for various publications and has edited books on art, theory, and design. At present she is developing, together with Mriganka Madhukaillya, the research and design studio Forest Cybernetics, in Assam, India.