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JOURNAL FOR SOCIAL VISION is a new media and a platform initiated in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main aim is to grow into a resource on rethinking the social, embracing in-depth conversation to enhance research and action. Especially about how art and related fields participate in the creation of relationships and social infrastructure. It is also the Center for Social Vision media from which initial energy and experience grew. Center for Social Vision was launched as a spin-off of Swimming Pool with the long-term goal to create a field for the exchange of experience, independent policies, and action related to our public infrastructure that encompasses spaces, structures, relations, and resources we all share. Here, you can find materials, such as discussions, interviews, surveys, essays, or discussions related to our work at the Center.
With the support of the One-Year Grant Program of the National Culture Fund.

Editor-in-chief: Viktoria Draganova
Editor: Jenny Decheva
Graphic design: Viktoriya Staykova