The Library of Our Encounters

the library of our encounters 2

Library sharing and encounter with Sofia Popiordanova

19 March, 14–17 h

Within the frame of The Library of Our Encounters: words between us, hanging just so, we will meet with Sofia Popiordanova, a visual artist in the fields of graphic design, illustration, and book design.

She will share with us books she has designed and illustrated, as well as notes and sketches from her working process. Among them are the publication f r a g m e n t s, presenting a series of illustrations and quotes from Southern Mail by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, as well as the artist’s personal copy of the text-inspiration. As Sofia puts it, f r a g m e n t s is “a fully visual passage through a few words that deeply touch the reader… Ones that ask questions and ones that say so much with their silence”. Apart from this intimate little book, we will also have the chance to experience other publications in which illustration becomes a method for copying and rewriting texts in another, visual language.

Through this immersion in a world of tenderness, of poetics and lightness, we will witness Sofia’s work with illustration and with books, the connection between the two and her connection with them.


Sofia Popiordanova works as an illustrator and book designer for various publishing houses. She has a bachelor's degree in Book and Printed Graphics and a master's degree in Illustration from the National Academy of Arts. A favorite and frequent theme of her works is the simplicity and beauty of life. In her personal projects she likes to experiment with different book formats and with the various possibilities of illustration.