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Време е през цялото време за радикално приятелство

apparatus 22

All images by Tomáš Souček

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Looking in retrospect at our practice in the last few years, one of the aspects that were not necessarily programmatic – our take on institutional critique as poetic activists digging within unsung futures for critical hope – is surfacing now as something consistent.

For IT’S TIME ALL THE TIME FOR RADICAL FRIENDSHIP we chose a set of works that double as lens for scanning paradoxical situations and tools for change in different systems: from “ALL”, an installation opening a conversation about a bewildering piece of art: a monument dedicated to all the artists that worked in XXIst century to the “Urgent message from The Department of Art Investments”, a quite witty and unexpected soundwork/ tool for artists, curators, visitors to examine art collecting practices (ethics, care, adventurousness) or to “Erratic Statistics” the cluster bars covered in leather strippes that cast in same time same space a critique of racism and a totemic celebration of diversity.

ALL (to all the artists that worked in XXIst century)
Installation: sound duration 12:38 min, leather, plastic, various objects, acrylic, foam, foil, steel wire, wooden bird, wool, speaker | variable size | series 2017 – ongoing, version 2020, courtesy Apparatus 22 and Suprainfinit Gallery (Bucharest)

Erratic Statistics 421
Erratic Statistics 18
Erratic Statistics 90

Object (wood stick, leather of various colors) | 200 cm | Edition: unique, part of unlimited Erratic Statistics series | 2015 – ongoing. Courtesy Apparatus 22 and Gallleriapiu (Bologna)

The work titled Erratic Statistics (90) is offered as a gift by Apparatus 22 to one of the visitors of IT’S TIME ALL THE TIME FOR RADICAL FRIENDSHIP exhibition.
The mechanism is simple: at the entrance of the exhibition in Futura there is a list where the interested visitors can sign up to carry on the mission of the work to be a critique of racism and a totem to celebrate diversity.
The winner of the work is chosen through a lottery at the end of the exhibition, therefore do not forget to leave your contact details as well.

  1. Apparatus 22 – Urgent message from The Department of Art Investments
    Suprainfinit voice memos | duration 11:30 min, in loop | 2020
    Courtesy Apparatus 22 and Suprainfinit Gallery (Bucharest)

Apparatus 22 is a transdisciplinary art collective founded in January 2011 by current members Erika Olea, Maria Farcas, Dragos Olea together with Ioana Nemes (1979 - 2011) in Bucharest, Romania. Beginning with 2015 they are working between Bucharest, Brussels and Suprainfinit (utopian universe). They see themselves as a collective of daydreamers, citizens of many realms, researchers, poetic activists and (failed) futurologists interested in exploring the intricate relationships between economy, politics, gender studies, social movements, religion and fashion in order to understand contemporary society.

Starting with 2015 a major topic of research and reflection in the practice of Apparatus 22 is SUPRAINFINIT universe: a world-making attempt to use hope critically in navigating present and future. In their very diverse works – installations, performances, text based-shapes, reality is mixed with fiction and storytelling and all merge with a critical approach drawing knowledge & experience from design, sociology, literature and economics.