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Време е през цялото време за радикално приятелство

Swimming Pool – Navine G. Khan-Dossos

All images by Tomáš Souček

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In 2018, Navine Khan-Dossos conceived Pool Paintings Part I, a site-specific project at Swimming Pool that, perhaps for the first time with such a directness, functioned as a figurative response to the premises of the space, addressing the empty pool architecture.Тhe project consisted of a mural painting encompassing all of the gallery walls that made the space like being submerged in water. Navine also created many series of abstract figurations that drew on different aspects of discourse, history, politics and imagery of pools, creating a panopticon of imaginary pools. Mostly interested in potentiality, Pool Paintings Part I made the empty pool appear is a space of great possibility, but also impossibility. Reinstalling Navine Khan Dossos’s work feels like creating a subtle interrelation between Futura and Swimming Pool through replicating not only questions at the core of Swimming Pool’s activity and productivity, but also the sense of potentiality that guides us towards invention.

Swimming Pool initiated the project "It's Time All The Time for Radical Friendship" at Futura Prague thorugh inviiting befriended project spaces and micro intitutions to participate.