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Време е през цялото време за радикално приятелство

fluent – institutional healing

‘Institutional healing”, 2020, distributed poems by CAConrad, Eileen Myles, Rita Indiana and Dionne Brand

All images by Tomáš Souček

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Institutional Healing consists of a selection of poems by four authors distributed as big format posters through partner institutions and public venues as well as Futura gallery spaces, transitional and outside spots within our hosting institution.

The poems included in the project examine forms of structural healing and reflect upon the toxicity of socio–cultural structures while providing critical forms of sensitive, poetic and caring knowledge. In times of uncertain distance, our contribution is a proposition to gather different practitioners, institutions and individuals around poetry as a form of resistance. These words unfold a sense of community sharing an ethos in which poetry becomes a strategy for dealing with care, solidarity and imagination as a form of potentiality. Words become borders and through poetry in them we melt.

fluent is a para-institution for contemporary art and research, presenting cycles of consecutive exhibition modules, texts, and live events revolving around thematic axes. Founded in 2016, it houses a studio space, a programme of exhibitions and a series of seminars, screenings, performances and texts derived from each cycle's thematic framework. fluent's manifestations happen in several forms and places, both in its offices in Santander and abroad, organising specific projects and off-site events, carefully unfolding experimental practices in close collaboration with artists, thinkers, writers, researchers, and the community.
We promote interdisciplinary dialogues and encourage involvement with other non for profits spaces, as well as institutional and educational systems nationally and internationally. fluent was founded by Alejandro Alonso Díaz, curator, writer and researcher whose work explores the metabolic encounters between natural, social and poetic structures of knowledge.