FLUENT, Santander
Alex Alonso Diaz

FLUENT is a para-institution for contemporary art, presenting cycles of consecutive exhibition modules, texts, and live events revolving around thematic axes. Founded in 2016, it houses a studio space, a programme of exhibitions and a series of seminars, screenings, performances and texts derived from each cycle’s thematic framework. fluent’s manifestations happen in several forms and places, both in its offices in Santander and abroad, organizing specific projects and off-site events, carefully unfolding experimental practices in close collaboration with artists, thinkers, writers, researchers, and the community. Its working structure, logics and goals depart from the awareness of operating within and beyond an isolated context with the image of a touristic destination. Thus, we intentionally avoid the expectations of a conventional art space and encourage other ways of creating discourse, and of relating to audiences and artists alike. fluent promotes interdisciplinary dialogues and encourages involvement with other non for profits spaces, as well as institutional and educational systems nationally and internationally.


Alex Alonso Diaz, its founder, lives and works in Barcelona. He holds an MA in Curatorial Studies from the Whitechapel Gallery Study Programme, in London and graduated in History of Art and Philosophy in Spain. An independent curator and researcher, he’s a contributing writer to magazines like Frieze, Mousse and Terremoto.