Center for Social Vision


Module 1: How We Think and Do The Social
16–19 April 2022


  • Tsveta Doycheva (HOD), Rada Ezekieva and Neda Sokolovska (VOX POPULI), Geo Kalev (Mini Art Fest & Social Circus), Vladiya Mihaylova (Toplocentrala), Dima Stefanova (Know-How Show-How), Yanina Taneva (Ideas Factory)
  • Stefan Ivanov and Rosie Eisor
  • Know-How Show-How

How We Think and Do the Social
Opening and discussion
16 April, 17:00–20:00

A panel discussion featuring colleagues, collectives, and spaces whose practices embody a contemporary definition of the social and demonstrate a clear awareness of the policies they apply. We will talk about what guides them, what challenges they face, and what institutional and public support is needed in the future. During the opening, Viktoria Draganova, initiator of the Center for Social Vision, and its participants will briefly introduce the ideas and goals of the platform.

With the participation of:
Tsveta Doycheva (HOD), Rada Ezekieva and Neda Sokolovska (VOX POPULI), Geo Kalev (Mini Art Fest & Social Circus), Vladiya Mihaylova (Toplocentrala), Dima Stefanova (Know-How Show-How), Yanina Taneva (Ideas Factory)

Viktoria Draganova and participants in Center

Watch on Journal for Social Vision the discussion (only in BG) and read excerpts (in BG and EN).


With You
An environment of words, created by Stefan Ivanov and Rosie Eisor
throughout the public program at Swimming Pool

Words and questions in the air and on walls, on record, cloth and paper – about the possible conversation and the desired meeting. About caring and hating, about responsibility and the lack of it. About the difficulty of seeing the face of a person, known or unknown.

With You takes the form of textile works with text on them (made in collaboration with Rosie Eisor), cultivating a context of rethinking and renegotiating the need for essential communication. The works are accompanied by a poetic research essay. A workshop of conversations and encounters between acquaintances and strangers will also take place in this environment, seeking to discover the need and power of the immediate, fragile and open communication that we constantly and disastrously miss out on.

Check now the book "With you", published in december 2022, order here


Conversation Workshop
At the invitation of Stefan Ivanov
18 April, 18:00–20:00

No preparation is required for participating in the workshop. Participants will work in pairs, using materials prepared in advance by the organizers. The duration of each pair’s conversation is expected to be about one hour.


Together, to gather, to get there*
Presentation and discussion by Know-How Show-How
19 April, 18:00–20:00*

Know-How Show-How is an independent educational program for creativity and design processes that was launched in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today, the driving force behind it are Dima Stefanova, Ivelina Gadjeva and Filip Boyadjiev, a collective formed around their shared vision of alternative models of education in the field of art and design. Dima, Ivelina and Filip have experience in practicing and teaching graphic, social and inclusive design, and have worked for local and international organizations, such as the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, the Royal College of Art, the WWF, Virginia Commonwealth University, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Sofia Municipality, Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019, Design for All Europe, Utrecht Manifest, Panasonic, and TATA Consultancy Services, among others.

In their presentation, Dima, Ivelina and Filip will focus on the responsible role of each of us as a catalyst for positive change, sharing examples from their practice of involving people in the process of generating a creative product. We will then all discuss and seek answers to the questions of how we think and do the social.

*Quote from the essay “Holding Space, Together” by Alessandra Pomarico with Kū Kahakalau and Kate Morales