Center for Social Vision


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every Monday until 18 July
at Swimming Pool
free entry

With the support of the One-Year Grant Program of the National Culture Fund


“Negotiation” (April–June 2022) is the first public program of the Center for Social Vision, in which, together with a wide range of colleagues, we explored new approaches to the questions of public space, institutionalism, cultural heritage and environment. The program included a series of public discussions, lectures, workshops, and presentations of artistic research.

Every Monday until July 18th, at Swimming Pool, you can look around objects, texts and materials by Stefan Ivanov and Rosie Eisor, Andrea Popyordanova, Slava Savova, Labini Rizaki, and Dessislava Terzieva that emerged during “Negotiation“. In parallel, you can find a selection of books for the participants of the "Center for Social Vision" such as: "Thinking like a Mall" by Steven Vogel (MIT Press, 2015), "Common Space. The City as Commons" by Stavors Stavrides (ZED books, 2016) and Toward the Not-Yet: Art as Public Practice (BAK & MIT Press, 2021).

Also,, is coming soon.