This project takes place in the frame of the Eastern Europe Artist-In-Residency Exchange Program of the Akademie Schloss Solitude and its partners in Sofia – Æther, Radar Sofia, and Swimming Pool. It is supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State Province of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and Goethe Institute Sofia.

Oct 29, 7 – 23 pm
Small, Low-Key and Cozy, (Un-)Official Opening
Location: Tell Me Bar, Sofia

Video message by Elke aus dem Moore, Akademie Schloss Solitude
Radar Sofia’s welcoming quiz
Conversation with Florin Flueras , this year’s Rad.Ost resident in Sofia, moderated by Alexander Manuiloff and Viktoria Draganova
Conversation with Valentina Sciarra, this year’s Rad.Ost resident in Stuttgart, moderated by Alexander Manuiloff and Viktoria Draganova
Concert by Anna Bo (by invitation from Æther)
DJ Set by Æther

Oct 30, 7 pm – Open End
Æther’s Night
Location: Æther, Sofia

Performative dinner with Natasja Loutchko, Eleonora Meoni, Marta Orlando, Clementine Roy
BLEIBT publication presentation

Oct 31, 11 am – Open End
24 Hours* at Radar (with a Halloween Party)
Location: Radar

11 am – 7 pm Drama Pact performative board game
7 pm – Open End Halloween »Transform Yourself« party

*An open doors policy for 24 hours so that people may inhabit the premises of the residency until from 11 am until the morning next day.

Nov 1, 2 – 7 pm
The Library of Our Encounters
Location: Swimming Pool, Sofia

A project initiated by Swimming Pool in collaboration with Christoph Szalay and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga


(Un-)Official Opening

The »Welcoming Quiz« is meant to bring people together in an amusing and playful way. It will make them talk about art, drink and get to know each other in the most natural way possible. There will be few questions from the field of residencies and art practices. Moderated and created by experienced quiz master Paulina Micheva. Of course, the winning team gets a prize. The short talk with Florin Flueras, an artist famous for his works Unexperiences, Unimages, Unvisitors, Unhere, Unofficial Unworks, Unexist, seems to be just perfect for our unofficial unopening of this network exchange. We will have Valentina Sciara as well, if she is in Sofia at that time.

Æther’s Night, with Natasja Loutchko, Eleonora Meoni, Marta Orlando, Clementine Roy

Æther has invited four core members of the collective Pane Per Poveri (Bread for the poor), that initially began in 2015, when a dozen Berlin based artists occupied Teatro Marinonni on Lido during the Venice Biennale. In the following year the project expanded during documenta 14 in Athens – staying as an independent gate of reflections in parallel to the institutional art events as the listed two. For the past three years the project has melted and merged, transformed into the social framework of the activities of Athens’ Victoria square, the artists’ initiative, working with refugees and local communities of Athens, losing gradually its artistic touch and need for representation, it rather became a socially engaged platform. »For the Eastern European Network Kick-off Event we are creating a social ground for meeting, sharing, encounter under the spell of performative dinner and spoken word, we will launch the BLEIBT publication. We decided to stick with the power and the meaning, despite fear of power, and share weakness, and be true to each other, no matter what and next… Embrace risks and potentials producing things and thoughts that are intersectional, complementary, horizontal, among our practice, our biographies, our current living, will of activism, hopes of true revolution. Moving around sexual desire and fake hysteria-we build up words and worlds, the ones we want to live in, dreamy, necessary tools to survive the present, and sleep over through the past…« The four artists invited share different angles and approaches, the work is always intersectional, cross folding ideas about Feminism, politics, conditions of life and collaboration.

24 Hours at Radar

Drama Pact boardgame: a durational performative boardgame played by theatre and performance practitioners which manages not only to get people to share stories and experiences but provokes a discussion about the context and art practices in general. It builds a sense of community and is a hot spot for exchange of ideas and even forming of new partnerships and projects. In the same time, it is designed to be deeply entertaining. Halloween “Transform Yourself” party is definitely a costume party where you are invited to forget and leave your old self for a moment and find a new expression for the beauty inside you.

Swimming Pool’s The Library of Our Encounters

The Library of Our Encounters is a long-term project of Swimming Pool within the residency exchange with Akademie Schloss Solitude, dedicated to what has changed most radically lately: the encounter—as event, presence, time and meaning. The library contains a growing selection of books, carefully collected over the last few years, but it also foregrounds itself as a possible space for a series of encounters among words, ideas, silences, people, aiming to reconsider the trajectory of our thinking in recent months of crisis. The library opens with a textual and spatial arrangement created in collaboration with Christoph Szalay and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga.