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Radostin Sedevchev
Torricelli’s Institution

“(…) we need the most powerful telescope, that of polished utopian consciousness, in order to penetrate precisely the nearest nearness.”
Ernst Bloch

Torricelli's trumpet is a paradoxical geometric figure that can be filled with a finite amount of matter but has a surface that stretches to infinity. Looking through the tube is like looking through a telescope with which we can simultaneously see in and out.


Radostin Sedevchev (b. 1988, Pernik) holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Mural Painting from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria. He acquired a PhD in Visual Arts in 2018. He specialized in the University of Gwlyndwr, Wales and in the HfBK Dresden. One of the main topics of his work is memory and the exploration of the past through found objects, photographs and documents, and their new interpretation in the present. His most recent solo shows were at the the National Gallery of Art, Sofia in 2021, at Heerz Tooya Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo in 2019, at the ICA Sofia in 2018, and at “Vaska Emanuilova” Gallery, Sofia in 2017. His installations have been shown at Sofia City Art Gallery, Ningbo Public Library China, HfBK Gallery Dresden, “Credo Bonum” Gallery, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.